Who to call what to ask...

Questions to ask the Building Department:

1. Subcontractor verification sheets required?
2. What paperwork do you require for an Owner Builder permit?
3. Are there special forms required for owner/builder?
4. What is the time line for review and issuance of permit?
5. How much of the permit fee to do require with submission?
6. How do determine the permit fee (basis of construction cost, number of bathrooms, etc.)
7. Can I bring a set of print in to have a plans reviewer give it a rough look over?
8. What trades are licensed in this county?
9. Do my plans need to sealed by a licensed Engineer or Architect?
10. Does a sealed copy of the truss layout need to be incorporated into the plans upon submission for permit?
11. Does the site plan need to be sealed by the architect/engineer?
12. Do I need to include a drainage plan with my permit application?
13. Is a landscape plan required? If so, what are the minimums needed?
14. Am I required to modify, rework the swales on the front of the lot if my lot adjoins and county/state maintained road?
15. Does the county/city/local jurisdiction have a minimum height requirement for the finished floor versus the crown or center of the road?

Questions to ask the Utilities Department:

1. Is sewer and water available for this location?
2. If not, what is the cost for bringing sewer and/or water to the site?
3. What are the connection fees for sewer and/or water? Does this fee include an impact fee?

Questions to ask the Zoning Department:

1. What is this parcel zoned as?
2. What flood zone is this parcel in? If in flood zone, what is the flood zone?
3. What are the minimum setbacks for this property (sides, back, and front)

Questions to ask Tax Collectors Office:

1. When do you assess properties (tax of blank land vs. land with house?)

Questions to ask the seller of raw land:

1. Do you have a current copy of the survey that I can get a copy of?
2. Is this parcel in a flood zone?
3. Are there any easements on the property not noted on the survey?
4. Do you know if this is a buildable lot?
5. Has there ever been any fill add to the lot?
6. Do you know if anything is buried on the lot?
7. Is there a well on the lot? Have you ever applied for a well permit?
8. Have you ever done a perc test on the lot? Would you provide one based upon an offer?
9. Do you have a copy of the tax bill for me to have?
10. Are the taxes current?
11. Will you be providing a warranty deed or a quit claim deed?
12. Is this lot, or any portion of it in an area designated as wetlands?
13. Do you know where the property pins/stakes are?
14. Do you own the water rights and mineral rights to this lot?

Questions to ask Well Driller?
1. Have you ever drill here before?
2. If yes, how deep have you had to go?
3. Do you have maps for this location?

Questions to ask Homeowners Association/Developer/County
1. What are the minimum setbacks for the front, left side, right side, both sides combined, and the rear?
2. Is there a minumum and maximum size requirement for the lot?
3. Is there a yearly homeowners association assessment/dues?
4. Who owns the roads? Who is required to maintain the roads?
5. Is there a maximum coverage of the lot that I cannot exceed?
6. Does the homeowner association or the developer have any unrecorded easements on this lot?