The overview of the house building process...

Below is the master outline generally detailling the steps in he process of building your own house. Each chapter title corresponds with a detail section that is linked with a hyperlink to the section. There are six steps in the process of building your own house. You can cut and paste this section to act as your guideline for building your home. In addition to the six steps and sections, there are supplemental resources that can be used to further refine and define the process for you, such as Paperwork, Who to call, and Permitting.

This site has been written by a professional, Florida state licensed contractor, and while intended to be fairly detailed and comprehensive, some issues may not be discussed in detailed or inadvertently omitted. If anyone needs any clarification, PLEASE EMAIL US AT webmaster@diyhousebuilder.com. Any questions asked will benefit all and we will included them in the text of the web site.


3.       Budgeting and Preconstruction

a.    Develop permit package and submit

                                                               i.      Completed application

                                                             ii.      Completed septic permit with septic engineering, if necessary

                                                            iii.      One to three sets of sealed plans, in necessary

                                                           iv.      Subcontractor verification forms, if necessary

                                                             v.      Copy of deed

                                                           vi.      Copy of site plan

                                                          vii.      Completed driveway application, if necessary

                                                        viii.      Recorded copy of Notice of Commencement, if necessary

                                                           ix.      HVAC Energy Calculations, if necessary

                                                             x.      Check for permit fees

                                                           xi.      Any locally required documents, if necessary

b.    Site inspection with site work contractor

c.    Acquiring Builder’s Risk Insurance

d.    Getting Paperwork Ready

                                                               i.      Contractor/Subcontractor

1.       Master Contract

2.       Scope of Work

3.       Certificate of Insurance, naming you as additionally insured

4.       Worker’s Compensation Insurance policy or Worker’s Compensation Exemption

5.       Complete W-9

6.       Subcontractor Verification Form

7.       Everything in writing

8.       Partial Lien Release

9.       Final lien Release

                                                             ii.      Supplier/Vendor

1.       Certificate of Insurance, naming you as additionally insured

2.       Account application

e.   Getting bids

f.     Letting jobs

g.    Planning Schedules

h.    Review Budgets

i.      Picking up Permit