Myths about builders and house construction...

If you have any myths about builders or the constuction process, please email us at webmaster@diyhousebuilder.com. We are interested in any additional ones. The long and short of it is that you can build a better house cheaper than a contractor can, if you set your mind to it and manage the processes as you should.

Myth 1: You must be an expert in construction to build a house.

Answer: No you do not. There are too many trades for a contractor to be an expert in all. If you have a good head on your shoulders and are diligent enough to search for an answer, you will be fine. In fact, management skills are far more valuable than knowledge of specific construction skills.

Myth 2: I can't build a house myself.

Answer: You definitely can't if you don't try or have the self-confidence to learn something new and try it.

Myth 3: How can I build a house cheaper than a professional. They have supplier accounts all over town and probably get the best prices.

Answer: Contractors definitely have better terms, but probably not better prices. If you get every trade quoted out at least three different ways, you will get at least as good prices as the contractors do. And if you work with the subcontractors and suppliers on terms (i.e., payment upon completion/payment upon passing and inspection), you can probably get better prices. Keep in mind, also, that they have quite a bit of overhead that they need to assign to every job. Your overhead will be substantially less.

Myth 4: Contractors can build a better house than I can.

Answer: Contractors are building your house to the minimum building code requirements and the minimum standards specificed in the contract. They will build the house to the minimm standards that the homeowner will accept. That is the way it will happen, and I do not fault them the least bit for it. When you build it, you will be able to modify with little to no additional cost to get a substantially better and more upgradeable house.

Myth 5: Contractors know how to build houses better than I ever could and know what they are doing.

Ask anyone who has had a house built by a contractor. No one know everything. Contractors get taken advantage of by subcontractors, contractors do not always know what to do when and issue arises, contactors do not manage paperwork any better than you can. They just know the processes of residential construction better than you up to this point.