What to expect...

In the beginning, you will believe that you cannot possible manage as big of a project as this. Just managing the paperwork, let alone monitoring the course of construction, can be an overwhelming set of tasks, especially if you are working full time. But we will break it down into easy, manageable lists of tasks and ifnormation to follow. If you can follow lists, you can do it.

The best thing about building a house for yourself, though, is not building the actual house, it is LEARNING how to build a house. if you have children or relatives, knowing how the process of home construction works can greatly benefit them as well. Would you like to help your son or daughter build a house, to give them a step up in life. You will be able to do it. Knowledge of house construction is a very valuable skill set. Just try to find a complete source for home construction. They are either built for the ultimate lay person depending totally on the subcontractor trades for construction expertise (not good - you need to be able to anticipate issues, and there are always issues) or partial construction methods that do not give all the answers. Once you get through one house, the second is easier.

Who should not build their own house...

There are certain types of people that should not build houses for themselves. This is in no way denigrating certain types of people. But they normally know their own personality traits better than anyone and can appreciate the fact that they do not have the peronaility to do something like this. Below is a partial list of character traits and also situations that probably do not bode well for a productive experience:

  1. Does not handle stress well
  2. Is not what one would consider a "people person"
  3. Does not handle changes in schedules well
  4. Is not flexible to deal with every day issues
  5. Is not emotionally stable enough to take "personalities" out of issues
  6. Does not have the intestinal fortitude to just say "no"
  7. Does not have the ability to remove "personalities" from financial decision making
  8. Is not at least somewhat semi-detailed with record keeping
  9. Does not explicitly "keep his or her word" when dealing with other people
  10. Does not complete tasks today that can be completed today
  11. Is not at least a somewhat detailed oriented person
  12. Is indecisive to a fault
  13. Prefers to have others make decisions and monitor functions for them
  14. Does not complete tasks that they start
  15. Allows emotions dictate their schedule
  16. Is a big picture person and de-emphasizes the details

If you have a substantial number of these traits, building a house is probably not the best thing for you to do, for the sake of your sanity. Too many small, daily issues will arise where you would have to make a decision and frustration will ultimately set it. The type of profile for a person to build a house is really a plodder, a person that trudges along at a steady pace, without taking anything personally. You need to realize that you will spend up to 12 months on this project, and you cannot take a day off---ever (mostly never). Please don't get me wrong, though. There will be quite a bit of down time, especially prior to actual construction. But if there is something you can do to speed the process, you need to do it.

I realize that you are building your home, and it is a personal experience, but until you move in, it is only a house, not a home...hence diyHousebuilders.com. There is no reason to sugar-coat it. It is a fantastic experience, though.